Video Baby Monitor with Camera

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I give this 4 stars because the instructions are not very detailed so it’s up to you to figure out a lot of this on your own, and a few of the processes on it I’m having some issues figuring out.
It syncs up very easy. When you turn the camera and the monitor on, they immediately start looking for each other and it took about 3 seconds total to connect. Video immediately began playing on connection. Video shows up in black and white whether I have a bright overhead light on or no light at all. That is one of the things I could not figure out. The instructions state if it’s not in color the lighting is not bright enough, but I don’t know that it could have been any brighter in my room. Either way, the video was extremely clear, audio was immediate and clear, and those were the main things I wanted. The menu is displayed on the monitor and takes a little figuring out to manipulate, but it does have a lot of options once you figure out how to maneuver through it. It will play a selection of 8 lullabies on a continuous mode, but they also play through the monitor. To shut them off on the monitor you have to turn the volume down, and then you cannot hear the baby. The camera is very adjustable for viewing, but it is manual. It’s on a pivot so can be aimed any direction. It can also run on batteries or electricity, so if power goes down, you have battery backup. On the monitor, it has a rechargeable battery in it, so you can take it with you if you need to go to a different room or outside.
Overall it’s a great product, the little bugs I ran into weren’t the main reason for purchasing this, and the items I was most interested in work excellent.

4 out of 5 Stars

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