Shermie Women Long Sleeve Crew Neck Pullovers

Very happy with this brand that’s new to my closet. I love my loose knit, loose fit sweaters. I did order up a size in this one, and I’m very happy with the fit. If you prefer a more snug fit, order your typical size. The sizing is accurate with US sizes.

The weave is a loose knit, but not sheer. I ordered this in the orange and gray, with white at the collar. No lines are showing through. I do also have this in the brown and white, with the same results.

This comes in 5 different colors, black/white, brown/white, and gray white are in one style. They run a little bit longer. The 3 tones come in black/white/gray and orange/white/gray. They have a little more fit around the hip/hem, but if you order up a size, they will fit longer. In my pictures I posed with it resting around my hips, and with it hanging longer, so you can see the length.

The sleeves have great length to them, a little long for me, but that is typical of sweaters on me. The cuffs have a nice snug fit without being tight, so they stay in place, even when I pull them up. The sleeves also have a loose fit to them, which is great for me, as I have larger upper arms.

I’m giving these sweaters a 5 out of 5 thumbs up. I love the style, fit and quality, as well as the price and color selection.

You can also purchase one of these here

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