Binffeey Shower Corner Shelf

I needed an upgrade to my current, old, plastic storage containers in my shower. Out of the box I felt I’d made a good choice, due to the weight and quality. Each piece arrived wrapped in protective, soft, lint free, bags. There were 3 ziploc bags with hardware and glue in them. They are heavy, these are not thin, easily bendable, lightweight shelves. They have a solid weight to them, so you will definitely need to give them 48 hours to set.

I looked for instructions, and that area is a bit lacking. I’ve never installed something like this before, all of my shelves just have suction cups. My shower enclosure is a fiberglass plastic, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to use the screws. If you do choose to use the screws, there are no directions for them, so make sure you know what you’re doing. There are 3 things of glue, and I though it really was overkill, but I figured that everything was prepackaged with the hardware for one shelf in each baggie. It is not overkill, you want to over do it with the glue. There are some minimal directions for using the sticky pads and glue, but the keyword is minimal. So with a little help from my son, here is what I found to be the sturdiest, easiest way to install them.

I first installed two sticky pads on each side of each shelf. I cleaned the area I was going to install the shelf in with 409 and let it dry. Then I put a thin layer of glue on each sticky. The glue is different that anything I’ve used. It doesn’t wash off well with water if you get it on your hands. Which I did, because I spread the glue out on the pads. I don’t recommend doing this, I’ll go into that more in a bit. Then I pressed the shelf against my tub enclosure, and it did not make a firm contact, my tub has just a little bit of curve in the corners. I stood there for 5 minutes holding it in place, started to move my hands, and down came the shelf. I tried again with the same results. I sent a text to my son asking him what the best glue would be to use, as this was not working. His response was that I had the correct glue, but it has to be braced for at least 48 hours for the glue to set. The instructions state don’t add weight for 48 hours, but nothing about bracing it. My next step was to figure out how I was going to brace something like this. I decided I would try waterproof duct tape.

When I removed the shelf, it did leave behind some glue, but it was obvious it had not made very good contact, as the line left behind was thin, and I had spread it out. Since the line was so thin and the amount small, it had hardened quick. I decided I didn’t like the location I tried, so I used GunkBGone to get the residue off.

On to Plan B.

This time I gathered all of my supplies. White waterproof duct tape, tubes of glue, and I also grabbed some double sided gel tabs. Here is a link to them – This is something you really would benefit having on hand. I original purchased it to hang up my indoor tv antennae. It’s been up in my window for over a month now, and still holding well. In addition, you can pull it off and reuse it. It leaves no residue behind, I’m loving it.

This time I used a full tube of glue on each sticky tab, all 4 of them, on each shelf. The reason for this is, you want enough that it can make contact with your wall and hold. Each glob was about 1/2inch deep. When I pushed it against the wall, it spread out, started forming a seal, and the gel tabs helped stabilize it. I was able to move it around for a few minutes to make sure I had it even and in the location I wanted. Then I put on two strips of the duct tape to hold it in place. I left everything like this for 48 hours.

The shelves now seem very stable. I added my ridiculously big collection of hair and body products to the shelves, and they appear to be holding. Only time is going to tell on this. However, they look beautiful, they clean up very easily and have an excellent shine to them. Obviously they are going to get water drops on them, and on stainless steel, they’re going to be very visible, but they easily wipe off and I don’t have any fears that they are going to rust, they appear to be sealed very well.

Some hooks were included, those were another level of frustration. They are also very strong and sturdy and they are difficult to slide on. Actually, they don’t slide on. I got them on as far as I could and then had to use a hammer to get them on the rest of the way. Now, as a testament to the strength and quality of this set, nothing scratched or dented while I was doing this. I didn’t use the hammer like I was pounding in a nail, I just did a tap tap tap to get it in place. No visible damage at all.

I’m very happy with the final results. They are holding a fair amount of weight, they look very nice, and the quality is excellent. I’m giving this 4 out of 5 thumbs up, due to the difficulty in installing them (which may be completely normal) and the lack of informative instructions.

You can purchase this shelf set at this link –

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