AUINCUEY Hair Straightener Brush

Here I am again trying to manage my crazy, curly, wavy, thick head of hair. Today I tried it with the new Auincuey Straightener/Brush.

First impressions – It arrives in a very nice, sturdy box. I love that they didn’t tape it closed and it was easy to open. I live in a 3 story home. I take it upstairs to my bathroom and realize the box is taped shut. I have to run down to the bottom floor to get scissors to cut open the box. I run back up to the third floor. I realize I can’t get the box open, it’s too secure. I have to run back downstairs to get a butter knife to open the box. At this time, I finally test that I can open the box before running back upstairs. It opens, testing continues. So WHY, you may ask, do I not have scissors upstairs to begin with? That is an excellent question, and I have two answers.

  1. That would make too much sense
  2. If I have scissors anywhere close to a bathroom and a mirror, I am too tempted to trim my bangs and my hair stylist has had to bail me out of that disaster too many times already.

So anyway, KUDOS to you, AUINCUEY, for storing this in an easy open box.

Onward. Inside the brush is stored in protective plastic and stored in a velvet, drawstring closure bag. This is amazing for travel. You don’t have to wait for the brush to completely cool down, although it’s always a good idea to try to, before storing it again. Also included are two pink hair clips, and a heat resistant glove, but I found I really did not need to use it. The tips and back of the brush never reached a heat setting that warranted using the glove.

To power this on, hold the power button in for a few seconds, and it will beep and come on at the default setting of 350F. Tap the power button again to cycle through the preset temps of 410, 450, and back to 350. Hold it in for a few seconds to power it off. Below the power button is an IONIC button. Here are the benefits of using this:

IONIC BRUSH: When heated, this substance produces a huge amount of negative ions, enough to counteract the positive ions found in dry and damaged hair. This means that ceramic tourmaline flat irons are better at avoiding hair damage and neutralizing ions that cause static and frizz.

Which means, even if your hair currently isn’t damaged, it just makes sense to use the ionic option, be proactive.

I had my hair up in a top bun all day prior to this test. I took pictures of what it looked like when I took it down and brushed it out. A hot mess. I set the brush to 450F, because why mess around. I brushed through my hair by brushing through the top layer and brushing it back, much the same as we used to do back in the 80s when everyone’s hair was ‘feathered’. Immediately that section of hair lost the chaos and simmered down. It wasn’t totally smooth yet, but it didn’t look like a messy nest. I started at the roots and did 3 more passes over the top, then did 3 from underneath. What impressed me the most was that my ‘rubber band dent’ disappeared. The hair was smooth, very shiny, and you could not tell it had been up in a bun for the last 24 hours.

Pay attention to the picture showing the before and after. Those passes took me maybe 90 seconds.

So then I tried to do a pass and rolling the brush up, I labeled that picture, and rolling the brush under, that picture is also labeled. Those are the results of only one pass, after I had actually straightened the hair with the original 7 passes.

What I also noticed on this brush is the placement of the controls. I had no accidental button pushes with this one, changing the temp on the fly. So either the buttons are sturdier or the placement just works well for me. It was not heavy to hold, my wrist will not tire out after doing my entire head. The prongs are spaced well and an excellent length, they grip my hair well and allow it to slide through seamlessly.

I’m easily giving this brush 5 out of 5 thumbs up. I found nothing negative about the process, construction and results. Good job!

To purchase this for $31.39, click At the time of this review, there is also a coupon for 5% off.

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