KINMOKU Hair Straightening Brush

This arrives in a very nice box, plastic sealed. Inside, the straightener is wrapped in separate plastic and stored in a lint free, velvet, drawstring bag. Very nice for travel. Also included are two pink hair pins and a heat resistant glove. The power cord has a velcro tag attached for storage.

There are a large number of heating elements that are spaced well and appear to be very solid, they aren’t going to snag your hair. They are going to grip it well and allow it to slide smoothly through. Also, no worries about the elements breaking, these are not knock off/cheaply made pieces.

The temperature controls are on the opposite side. These are probably my only concern. While doing my hair, I kept hitting the temp control. I wish there was a way to lock the temp in. To turn on the brush, hold the top button down for about 3 seconds. The same to turn it off. The temperature is in Fahrenheit and it goes up in increments, not one step at a time. It starts at 300, goes up to 450, with 4 jumps in between. So if you have it set at 450 and hit the control it jumps back down to 300. It did heat up fairly quickly, taking less than two minutes to get up to 450.

I have very thick wavy hair that does tend to frizz. If I let it go naturally it waves and has wide curls. I did that yesterday in preparation for testing this out. So today I brushed it out and you can see how thick it is with full body and still a lot of wave. I started at 300 and the first pass through made a noticeable difference. It still had a lot of body and wave, but the sassiness was really tempered down. I did 3 passes underneath, then 3 passes over the top. This is on the right side of my hair. I took before and after pictures.

Then I upped it to 450 for the left side. I didn’t notice that it made any difference on what I would consider damage to my hair. It showed a lot faster results, and I felt it actually gave more shine to my hair at that temperature. There might have been a little loss in body, but it was minimal. By twisting the brush under as I reached the end, I did get some beachy waves to the ends, but I don’t know if this would be the tool you would want to use to do your entire head in beachy, loose waves. Especially if your hair is as curly, wavy, thick and coarse as mine. I had the best results when I did my hair in thinner layers, about 2 inches wide, at a time. I have short bangs and it didn’t work well on those, however, they are not in a very healthy shape right now, and I feel that had a lot to do with the results.

Over all, I give this 4.5 thumbs up out of 5, and the .5 was due to the temperature control issues.

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