Wosports Trail Camera 16MP 1080P Hunting Game Camera

I purchased an outdoor camera a couple of years ago. It was fun, I messed with it for awhile. However, the quality of the pictures was sub-par, and it went through so many batteries, with disappointing results, that I eventually forgot about it.  My mother recently had a break in out at their farm, so I purchased this one to set up at my mother’s place. It takes 8 batteries, it is quite a few, but this also does come with the ability to be connected to power, but it does not include the power adapter. Very sturdy unit, all of the delicate pieces and parts have been well protected. A ton of lights, so even in the dark of night, it’s going to give plenty of light to catch pictures or video.

To test this, I set it up in my living room pointed at the cats’ food dish. One of the most active locations in my house. I set it up in the dark and came back that evening to see the results. You can choose picture or video, along with a lot of other configuration options. Time delay before picture/video starts, quality, length of recording time.

As well as a sturdy base construction, the accessories that are included are also strong quality. I’m impressed with how far they’ve come in the last couple of years. A great product if you don’t have the option for true security, or if you’re interested in outdoor photography.

I give this 10 out of 10 thumbs up. The set up was easy, the quality is excellent.

To purchase this for $49.99, click https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KJW9RPH

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