Lucky Step Fashion Womens Athletic Lace up Sneakers

Over the last year, this brand has become my go-to brand for shoes. First – they are so unique! Styles and colors I would never have imagined are all available. They’re adorable. Second – the comfort is excellent. The fit is always perfect. I can wear them all day at work and even if I’ve spent all day on my feet, they do not ache. Third – they really are excellent quality. The sole feels very lightweight, don’t be fooled. It is sturdy and holds up. It isn’t going to crack or shred. It isn’t going to come loose from the shoe.

I can tell a shoe is going to work for me by doing a power walk in it. I get shin splints very easy. Within a few blocks, I can tell if the shoe is going to help or hinder these. I haven’t purchased a pair yet from this company that gives me pain. I can walk over a mile at a brisk pace and still be comfortable. These just do not wear down.

You can trust the sizes – every one of them is accurate to US sizing. This is my fifth purchase from this brand. These are available in 3 colors, size 6 to 10, half sizes available.

Love these – cannot wait to see what style they come out with next.

To purchase these for $26.79, click here

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