Premium Velvet Hangers/Suit Hangers Heavy Duty(30 Pack)

I have replaced every hanger in my home with these, although I will not divulge the number. It’s shameful. Simply amazing. Nothing falls off of these. Not my off shoulder sweaters, not my thin strap sundresses, not my silky blouses. They are covered in a flocked velvet so anything you want to put on these, it’s going to stay, even my heavy, off shoulder sweaters have stayed in place. They are the thin, flat hangers, so they fit snug against each other, effectively doubling the space over using the round, tube hangers. They don’t shed, there are no dark specs on my light clothing.

This set also comes with the same type hangers for your scarfs or ties, no more silky slip offs. In addition, they’ve included grip pins so you can attach skirts or trousers crease free.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase these for $15.99 for 30, click here  Make note – this is less than half the price they sell for at Walmart.

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