Bioxo Pet Monitor Camera, 1080P HD 2.4G Wireless IP Camera

One of the easiest cameras to set up. The instructions walked me correctly through the steps, even with a bit of difficulty in the translation. The first thing it does is take a 360 degree panoramic shot of the entire room so you can check out the visuals. You install the software on your device (as many as you want, multiple devices can be connected to the camera) and you can monitor things 24/7, or configure it to your preferences.

Available configurations include recording to an SD card, setting a timer for current view the automatically shifting to another view, using motion detection to activate or start a recording. Everything is easily set up through the app software.

I included shots that were done in the dark so you can see how clear even those are.  Scrolling on your device moves the camera around so you can do a full view, floor to ceiling, wall to wall. You can do two way audio. I’m very happy with this. Ease of set up, ease of use, quality of video all are exceptional.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase this for $69.99, click here

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