Feir Mop Broom Holder Wall Mounted

I have one similar to this in my laundry room and I love it. I wanted to try to organize my garage. This one is much sturdier than my previous one,  I have no doubt it will handle my spade, shovel, broom, and much more. It comes with hardware, including the recessed expanders, for a secure mount. The floating ball that locks your tool into place is only on one side. So it sets flush against one side (see pictures) and the floating ball has friction mounts that rest against the handle of your tool. It will not slide up or down, holds it very securely. Due to the size of the floating support, it will handle the smallest, thinnest handle, up to one as wide as the opening. The float adjusts itself, and due to the friction fabric, it doesn’t need much pressure to hold items in place. The hooks fold up out of the way, flush inside the holder, even when items are installed. They’re strong, I use them to hold my lounge chairs that are in bags. Really nice to finally be getting organized.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase this for the excellent price of $9.99, click here

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