FunPlus Automatic Frog Bubble Blower

We seem to waste so much bubble solution every summer with containers getting spilled, or tipped while they’re concentrating on blowing the bubbles. The young ones get frustrated when bubbles don’t always come out. The kids just want to chase bubbles and have fun. Enter the FROG. He’s awesome. Very consistent bubbles, and they come out thick. The porch was filled in seconds. He’s a solid little plastic with bright fun colors, and he does not tip over easily. The bubbles go up into the air. The fan is blowing at just the perfect amount to get the most bubbles. He takes 4 AA batteries, and we played for a solid hour with no noticeable diminishment. In that hour we went through just about an entire bottle (small) of the bubble solution that came with it. It comes with two. They do have a manual blower with them if they do want to do it that way. It does not hold a lot, I poured in about 1/ 4 of the bottle each time. You will notice once it gets about half way down, the bubbles will decrease. Being full gives better results. I wish the circles that grab the solution went down just a little bit deeper so it could grab the last bits of the solution. But, it was a good time, and entertained my grandson, so great in my book.

9 out of 10 thumbs up.

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