Project Paws Omega 3-6-9 Select Fish Oil for Dogs

I have a very spoiled, very picky pooch. I want him to have a comfortable, long life. He’s a 9 pounder, and they tend to have a shorter life span. I hope to put him in the minority that stays with me a long time. Everything in this supplement is helping me work towards that. It covers all aspects – his skin and coat, digestion, bones and joints and immune health. I have found that if I put something in his food bowl, he thinks it’s healthy for him and he literally will have no interest in it until he is just beyond hungry. But our habit was, at bedtime he got a treat. After awhile it seemed he wasn’t eating his food but was really chowing down the treats. I had to change that. We switched to healthy treats, THESE, at bedtime, and he didn’t know his treat was actually good for him. He loves them.  He’s a cross between a poodle and a Shihtzu. He got the poodle’s coat and it requires a lot of maintenance. It mats underneath due to what seems to be a wooly undercoat. If nothing else, these have helped cut down on that issue. His coat is bright and mat free, and that alone is worth everything.

I’m giving these 10 out of 10 thumbs up, and Herbie agrees.

I purchased these in the sample pack for $10.99, but they also come in 60 count for $24.99 and 120 count for $39.99.

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