INTEY Thermal Laminator A4 with Two Roller System

I don’t know a lot about laminators other than hot laminators that you feed the sheet through and it does its job. I have 9 grandkids and that means I have a lot of amazing art work that I want to save. Some of it was done with colors. I wasn’t sure how a hot laminator would preserve that, so I tried the cold setting. I don’t know if I need special plastic, but it did not seal. It seemed to, it took me a bit before i figured out it didn’t. So, I went ahead and tried a test sheet I colored on and sealed it with the heat setting. No damage and it worked great. The paper starts out really floppy, but once ran through the machine, it is more firm and protective. Going to have to study up on the cold setting. It doesn’t really go into detail on the differences or why you would want to use one or the other.

8 out of 10 thumbs up.

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