Jane Chen’s Baby Snap Striped Long Sleeve Onesie

I love anything original when it comes to clothes. And I love to buy original unique clothing for my grandkids. Sometimes to the chagrin of my kids. However, not in this case. This one is adorable. It’s like no outfit I’ve come across. It’s like a full body onesie combined with a long dress, only having one snap at the bottom. The style makes it unisex. Very soft fabric. The snap is plastic and seems sturdy enough. There won’t be a lot of stress put on it, so it should hold up well. I purchased this in size XX, it looks like it will fit around a 1 year old. My grandson is currently 6 months old, so it will be awhile before he can wear it. I’m not sure what some of the words are, but it’s super cute.

This comes in 2 different styles and 4 different styles, but they are Asian sizes, so be sure to check measurements.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

To purchase this for $12.99, click here

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