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After watching several episodes on Dr. Oz where he discussed apple cider vinegar pills, I started my own research. There were many reasons I decided to make it part of my daily routine. But, along with all of the benefits, there are a couple of warnings I took heed of.
The main one is that it is very acidic and can be hard on your teeth. I have an autoimmune that has been devastating on my teeth and I didn’t want to add to that. So, pills seemed the best course. According to Dr. Oz, in all of the pills they tested, they all contained what percentage they claimed, with no chemical fillers, and they all worked just as well as taking the liquid form.
Recently I was also diagnosed with coronary issues. My cholesterol was not high, but the treatment plan was the same as if it was. One of the claims of ACV (apple cider vinegar) is that it will lower cholesterol. Benefit one.
Benefit two was that it helped potassium levels, effectively cutting down on night leg cramps. I also suffer from those, although my postassium levels aren’t particularly low.
Benefit three, weight loss. Not a miracle cure, but an assistant that helps decrease your appetite and speed up your metabolism. Studies show that adding ACV to a healthy diet and active lifestyle added a four pound per month weight loss.
Benefit four – it helps regulate blood sugar. I am in no way medically inclined so I can’t explain in a clear way how that works.
There are more than a dozen other benefits. Do your research. The consistent thing I found was that other than the acidic content, there were no negative points to adding this to your diet. And, that one issue can be solved with the pill form.
I’ve been on these a week. I can’t say that I’ve noticed anything in my face as far as changes, but I also haven’t had any issues. Since most of the benefits are passive, I plan on continuing this plan and just enjoying *not* having the issues it will fix.

10 out of 10 thumbs up.

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