GOOACC Cable Management 100 Pcs Adhesive Cable Clips

Not overly impressed for the one option I tried these on. I have a lot of cables in my car. Two chargers, dash cam, radar detector, heated seat cover. All in snake pit on the floor. I wanted to attach these up the size of the console. They are small enough that I can place many of them, they will only hold one cable at a time, or two if they’re thin. However, they will not stick to the console in my car. That’s the only place I’ve tried them, since that is what I purchased them for. Have not tried them on a painted surface or wood. They didn’t even really attempt to stick, just fell right off. The clips worked well, they held the cables good. They snap closed and then you push the little tab to open them back up. Just don’t do well if they won’t stick.

2 out of 10 thumbs up, will update if these work better elsewhere.

To purchase these for $7.99 for 100 pieces, click here


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