E-TING Claus Couture Clothing for Elf on the Shelf (Bathrobe)

My grandkids are so excited when their Elves show up every year. Jingles and Twinkle. Those elves do all sorts of silly things. When I saw that clothing was now being offered for them, I had to jump on it. Who wants to wear red 24/7/365? The robe is velcro all over the place, so this is simple to put on. Soft, fluffy. The little boots are so cute. There is even velcro under the sleeves so you con’t have to try to slide them over the velvet sleeves of their basic outfit. This is such a cute idea. So far there are many different options as far as clothing. Most of them are for the female elf, but we all know that gals need a bigger selection of clothes than our male counterparts.

8 out of 10 thumbs up.

To purchase this, or several other clothing options for your elf, click here

The robe is currently $6.95.

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