Zesty Paws Omega-3 Krill Oil Bites Dog Supplement, 90 count

Herbie is back to entertain. He’s learned how to do a High Five and a Down Low. He thinks anytime I request that, he’s getting a treat. A great way to get anything into his tummy. The thing is, I don’t really need to do it with these. He’s a little guy, so he does take the time to chew these up, not swallow them whole. Personally, I think he wants to savor the bacon flavor.

Every morning I take vitamins. I have a healthy routine I follow. I want Herbie to be around as long as I am, and it’s possible, if I give him the same benefits.  Here is from the Chewy.com website:

Keep your devoted canine feeling his best with Zesty Paws Omega-3 Krill Oil Bites Dog Supplement. As your dog ages, it’s important to make sure he remains active and energetic to keep him as happy and joyful as he makes you. Produced from an innovative blend of sustainably sourced Qrill™ Pet Meal and DHAgold®, these delicious chewables provide support for the skin, coat, brain, heart and joints. These bacon-flavored bites can be given as a treat to reward your pup and keep him in the best shape of his life. Best of all, this supplement is excellent for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes.

Key Benefits

  • Provides EPA, DHA, Choline and Astaxanthin to support powerful skin, coat, joint, brain and heart health.
  • Contains a sustainable algae-sourced form of DHA to nourish your dog’s appearance and support his immune system and cardiovascular wellness.
  • Combats dryness, itching and irritation by softening the skin and adding shine and strength to dull and brittle fur.
  • Provides a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids to support your dog’s mobility, flexibility and range of motion.
  • Irresistible bacon-flavor ensures these treats are easy-to-feed to your pooch at any stage of his life or size.

This is the 5th item I have purchased from Zesty Paws. Herbie loves every one of them. The vet gives him a stellar report at every visit. This supplement only has 25 calories.  I want to be healthy, I want my buddy to be by my side as long as possible.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase these on Chewy.com for $24.97, (90 bites!), click here or copy and paste this link:


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