Nolonger Christmas Windows Stickers

I purchased 4 sets of these and they all behave the same, so there’s not much different I can say about any of them. They arrive rolled up around a cardboard roll and sealed in plastic. Very well protected. I laid them out and held them flat with heavy candles and they were ready to use in short order. Like many window clings, some of them peeled off perfectly, some I had to work a little more at, getting a corner up. Once I got the corner up, though, all peeled cleanly off. There are no little nubs are extra pieces of plastic that you have to trim off. The colors are bright and fun. All of them stuck to the inside of my windows with no issues. A good solid fit the first time very few bubbles, any that were there, I just rubbed a finger over and they smoothed right out. All stayed attached for several days. I’m sure the neighbors wondered about me, having Christmas clings up in the middle of May. During that time I would remove them and reapply them and they worked just as well the 3rd 4th and so on time as they did the first time. When I removed them, I placed them back on the original sheets, rolled them back up, and stored them away for Christmas. While there is a good selection of large, fun pictures on each sheet, there is an overabundance of snowflakes. They’re hard to see, so it looks like half of the sheet is empty. But once you get them on the windows, they look gorgeous. This is a very unique set, it’s not like any I’ve seen at the typical retail store. These are bigger, brighter and just fun.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

There are four different sets of these, all are $7.99





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