Wistic Jewelry Christmas Gifts 18K White Gold Plated Infinity Bangle Bracelets for Women -Buy One Own 4

Silver is my favorite, and this does not disappoint.The silver has the most beautiful, polished shine to it. It latches securely and stays closed. A bit of a tussle sometimes to get open, but usually only a few seconds worth. The hinge is strong and sturdy.

Now, the crowning jewel, pun intended, is the ability to change out the stone. All of the stones have the most amazing sparkle to them. They’re like a fine cut diamond with the perfect angles and facets to send fire from every angle. I hope they come up with sets to offer more colors, because these are all beautiful. The colors they’ve included do match in some way with most blends, though.

One thing to note, I have a pretty thick wrist, and this fits me well. It’s going to be loose on delicate wrists, but I believe it’s going to fit a wide range of sizes.

All you have to do is unscrew the top holder and drop the gem in, then screw it back on. It doesn’t matter if you get it in a little crooked, it adjusts it. I could not capture the amazing look, so you have to take into consideration that the beauty you see, in real life is magnified about 100x. Beautiful piece.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

To purchase this for $17.99, click here

EDIT – I see that at this time the bracelet is not available. So if you’re interested, bookmark it and check back later.

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