MESASA Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

My cat Simon is always trying to sneak outside. He has a collar on with my phone number, and it’s been utilized many times. So, I purchased this so he could spend some safe time outside. He has claimed it as his own, sleeping in it even when it’s inside. I purchased this in the size medium. Now Simon is a big boy, around 15 pounds. He has plenty of room in it, and I have even put my little Munchkin, Toto, in it with him a few times. Enough room to stretch out and enjoy the sun. It stays in shape very well, the sides are firm. It folds up flat, also. There is one panel that has a zipper on it to open as a door, or the entire top unzips. It’s the waterproof parachute type fabric. The zippers are sturdy and slide easily. I have no concerns with the cats, but I don’t know how well an active dog would fare in this. I don’t think the zippers would give, but I think a dog could chew through the mesh. I just recommend you don’t leave them unattended when they’re outside in it. Otherwise, I love this and have been looking for one for a long time.

This comes in medium or large, in 5 color options.

To purchase this for $19.99 medium, or $29.99 large, click here


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