Involand Womens Summer Plus Size Tee Shirts

Super comfortable. I purchased this in a larger size so it would be a loose, comfortable fit, and I succeeded. I purchased in the XL, my measurements are 36D, 31, 38 and I love the fit. It’s lightweight, very stretchy. The bit of satin edging around the neckline gives it just a bit of a unique look over a basic shirt. The buttons look real, but are not. So, the plunge neckline you see is as high as you can close it. It’s a little low for me, so I will just be careful where I wear it. Typically this is the style I would wear to work, but I work on an all male team and it involves a lot of lifting, so bending over would not be appropriate in this. However, today I’m wearing it with capris to go shopping, and it’s awesome. Great quality.

On the link below there are over a dozen different styles. This particular style does come in a variety of colors.

8 out of 10 thumbs up. I feel it’s a bit overpriced, and it’s listed as off shoulder, but it is not.

To purchase this for $17.99, click here

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