FELACIA Women’s Casual T Shirt V Neck Cold Shoulder Tops

Just a basic, casual shirt adding a subtle amount of sexy with the shoulder cutouts. Lots of stretch, but I purchased up a size for a comfortable, loose fit. I purchased XL, my measurements are 36D, 31, 38. Now, the thing to note is, I stand just under 5′, so it’s a bit longer on me, but personally I feel it’s a lot longer than the picture makes it look. Also, I feel the picture makes it look like it has a more feminine flare cut, and it does not. It hangs straight. If I had ordered it one size small it might have fit a little different, but still not quite as pictured.  Still comfortable, good moisture wicking fabric, perfect for a casual summer day. It comes in 4 colors, sizes small to XL.

7 out of 10 thumbs up

To purchase this for $13.99, click here

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