Uhomely PIR Motion Sensor Closet Light With Heavy Duty Hooks

I love this light. I put it in my pantry and now I can see exactly what is in all the cans stored in there. It’s wide enough to provide an excellent amount of light, but stays out of the way. I’m not over the top impressed with the mounting. I used the sticky double sided tape. It does hold the light on well, but it tries to come loose when I remove the light to charge. Thankfully, it stays charged for quite awhile so I don’t have to do this often. It’s just sensitive enough. Turns right on as soon as I open the door. Turns off within about 30 seconds after I shut it. It includes these cool looking hooks to also mount to it with the included hardware, but I didn’t want to go that route. Putting them under all my cabinets and all my closets. USB rechargeable, these are amazing.

10 out of 10 thumbs up.

To purchase these for $11.99, click here

Currently there is a promotion that you will receive a free manual chopper with the purchase of this light.

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