Qoosea USB Desk Fan Super Quite Touch Control

So of course in my video there are a couple of times when I tapped the fan and it did nothing. That definitely is not representative about how well this works. I absolutely love this fan. Using it at work, I’ve never had it stutter when I tapped it, it always reacted immediately. It gives the perfect amount of breeze so that I’m cooled down, but my papers don’t end up flying around the office. It doesn’t look like it’s angled up very high, but for me it’s perfect. Setting on my desk it’s angled just right so that it’s hitting my core, not blowing my hair around. Cools me down excellent. It’s a sturdy little unit, also. Stays in place. Good long cord and it plugs right into my computer. Very very happy with this!

8 out of 10 thumbs up, just because when I needed it most, touch control failed.

To purchase this at $19.99, click here

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