Dland 130db Safesound Personal Alarm Set of 4

I love the way these are set up. They have a chain on one end that attaches to your key chain. On the side there is a heavy duty wrist wrap and *that* is what you pull out to activate the alarm. It is sturdy, it is not going to break off at the exact moment that you need it. There are some I’ve purchased that concern me. When I pulled it the first time, scared me nearly off my feet. It is LOUD. You WILL be noticed. The only thing I don’t like is, when you pull it, it comes completely out. In the moment of panic, it is going to be difficult to keep track of this. Which means the screaching is going to continue until either the battery runs out or you find the stopper. And I imagine either of those could take a long time.

It also includes a little flashlight that actually is pretty bright. It doesn’t stay on, only lit up as long as you’re holding the button down. That’s an excellent idea, so the battery on the alarm doesn’t accidentally get run down. I know I have a small flashlight I keep in my purse. I’ve never used it, but I have gone through a ton of batteries because I find it on all the time.

So I bought enough of these to give to all the females in my family. I don’t think anyone should be without. I originally purchased for me because I go walking late at night and early in the morning when it’s dark out. I live in a decent town and I’m really not concerned, but it only takes once.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

To purchase these for $14.99, click here


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