BC Master Night Light for Kids Touch Control

While these are excellent for a baby’s room, I found so many other uses for them. I love that they can be plugged in and don’t run on batteries, but my favorite part is that there are two USB ports on them, so they also be used to charge devices while the plug is in use. How innovative is that? The light is subtle, and has low or high settings. You just touch it to change the brightness. The plugs fold in when not in use. I actually purchased these because I’m going to my son’s next week and I don’t know their house. I don’t want to crash into something and wake the babies. This way I can put one where I’m sleeping, and one in the hall and shut them off during the day. I think in short order my 2 year old grandson is going to figure out that he can touch them to turn them on, but these fit snug in the plug and they have a small enough profile that I don’t think he will be able to get them out, he’ll just enjoy turning them on and off.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

To purchase these for the excellent price of $6.99, click here

Note that these are Amazon’s Choice for touch control night light.

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