10×42 Professional Waterproof Binoculars for Adults


First – the instruction book is a must read before you do anything with these. They walk you through the setup that is going to work perfect for your eyes, your depth perception, how deep set your eyes are. These are so configurable that you can even use these without removing any glasses. They have setups for what they call ‘interpupillary adjustment’ and ‘visual compensation’. The hinge gives a full inch differential on spatial distance. And something I learned, you only use your left eye to view when setting the focus ring. I was seriously impressed with the crisp clearness of the view. I included a pic looking out my front door and then, as difficult as it was, I grabbed a pic with my camera looking through the lens.
As I state in my video, I love the way the caps work. The eye piece cap is one piece. The lens caps are attached. I only have one cap I can potentially (most likely) lose. The caps are silicone and flexible. They’re not hard plastic. Very easy to install and remove.
The binoculars themselves, wow. Very sturdy and durable. A solid, hefty feel. When you adjust the size, they stay in place, very secure. There is a grid cut into the sides for a safe grip. Notches on the bottom to attach the canvas strap. They include a lint free cleaning cloth and the case is soft and they fit securely in, no moving around. Very nice set.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase these for $59.93, click here

Or copy and paste this link http://www.qunse.net/products/detail/5983

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