First impression while opening this was how bright, colorful and beautiful the box was. It’s the kind that you know it has to hold an awesome treasure. You start getting just a hint of the scent before you untie the bow and open the lid. Not overwhelming, not too much perfume, very balanced and fresh. Inside everything is settled in shredded brown wrap for protection. There are four different colors of bombs and each one is wrapped so well that the scent is captured and preserved. Hence, just the hint. I love that each one of them comes with a corresponding essential oil, because these are too amazing to lose after two uses. I want this to be able to go on and on. The scents are amazing. The rose is absolutely my favorite. It reminds me of my grandmother. Pure and so authentic. The French Vanilla, it’s interesting. I’ve never used a vanilla essential oil before. The scent is pleasant, just unexpected. The lemongrass is crisp and so true and the lavender is heady and full and envelopes you with relaxation.

When I opened the first bath bomb, rose of course, I was impressed that it was encased in a sturdy plastic wrap. Holds the scent in and keeps the loose powder from spreading. I opened the plastic wrap and I was seriously impressed with how little loose powder there actually was. The bombs are heavy and solid, they are very compacted. Rose scent filled the area. So I put it in the water and the fizzing started. Oh My Gosh. Rose petals, real rose petals, came out. I’m going to take a bath with rose petals!

An amazing set. It didn’t arrive in time for Mother’s Day (oh DARN!) , so I guess this one is all mine.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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