LOCEN PU Leather Console Side Pocket

Was anticipating the arrival of what I hoped was going to be the solution to not enough cup holders in my car. I have two on the console. When it’s just me, it’s perfect. One for my ashtray (yeah yeah, I know) and one for my oversized cup. But, when someone is with me, they don’t have anywhere to put their cup. Since I’m leaving on a road trip with my mom next week, I thought this would be awesome. It won’t fit a large cup, but I figured the ashtray could sit in it (we both smoke) and it would be a convenient location for both of us. Plus, it would give her a place to put her cell phone, and I could snake the charging cable up through the bottom of it, out of her way. All of those things seem like they are accurate with this. I’m just not sure how convenient it’s going to be for her. It sticks out a bit into the seat. Now, she’s a tiny lady so it might not be an issue. I’ll have to update after the trip.
Along with the items I mentioned, it’s a sturdy unit. A bit flexible but thicker and strong. Covered in what looks like leather, grain and all. The piece that slides down between the seat also has some strength and length to it, so that’s not an issue. I do wish the cup holder was a bit taller and larger. The base of some of those 32-44 ouncers will fit since a lot of them are now shaped to accomodate the smaller diameter holders, but if you have to stop a little quicker than normal, the height of this is not going to hold your cup in.
I’ll add more once we’ve taken the trip.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

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