Lmani Rug Grippers

Somehow the new game in my home has been see how fast the pup can run through the house and glance off of the rugs, getting a good spin going. I have one in front of my stove, sink, front door and garage door. I am always putting rugs back in place. Saw these advertised and figured well, have to try them out. They work, they do keep my rugs in place. However, you are basically putting double sided sticky tape on the bottom of your rugs. So there are pros and cons to it.
You do have  a secure connection. They attach well to the rugs, and then stick to the floor. The con – when I want to mop my floor I have to peel them off. And they look pretty disgusting. I thought I had clean floors when I put them down. The sticky side shows otherwise. I don’t know if build up over time is going to degrade the sticky or not. So far, after 2 weeks, there have been no issues. When I peel them off of the floor, you have to be careful. The floor sticky side adheres better than the rug side. So if you just pull the rug up, the tape stays stuck to the floor. You have to carefully peel it back.
Be sure to read the instructions, the sides are specific on what needs attached where. So I’m happy with them so far. The small hassles are not that big of a deal compared to having my rugs stay in place.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

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