Ammiy 10-Piece Oval Makeup Brush Set

These are gorgeous, a set that would look very nice on display. What I really like is the dark finish to the brush itself as it keeps it from looking dirty and caked with make up. The brush itself I’m very impressed with, definite quality. Very thick, very soft, holds up well to pressure and applies my powder and bronzer evenly, consistently. I’m getting used to the smaller brushes, and applying eye shadow. I’m used to using the regular sponge applicators, and there is a learning curve to these. They do appear to hold all powder very well, I still have some fall out, but not as much and a lot of that will have to do with the quality of the make up, also. The handles aren’t as durable as I expected. They do bend. I found that out accidentally, and I’m hoping it doesn’t degrade the strength of the handle. They feel plastic, but there is some ability to adjust the bend. I’m just concerned they will break. They are not heavy, very comfortable to hold. Obviously time is going to be the best test.

Another thing – cleaning them. I tried using them in the spin dry brush cleaner I have. It does work, but not the best. Due to the size and shape, they are hard to clean this way and you have to get the water deeper than is feasible. Your best bet for cleaning these is going to be using the scrubber brush cleaner.

I give these 8 out of 10 thumbs up. The brush is stellar, the handle a little weak.

To purchase these for $10.99, click here

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