aiqibao Boys Jeans Denim Skinny Trousers Slim Fit Streched Pants

These are seriously adorable. They look like something the West/Kardashian kids would wear. They have a distressed color to them, but no raveling or holes. I love the patch on the front, and you can see what looks like faded newspaper headlines plastered along them. The only concern is, these have absolutely no stretch to them and they are very slim fit. I got these for my 2 year old grandson, I purchased these in size XXXX. I will be going down there in 2 weeks and will be adding in more pictures of him actually wearing them. At this point, I have a concern that they will even fit over a diaper. If he wasn’t wearing a diaper, his skinny little chicken legs would have no problem but we will see. Even the waistline really has no give. A little bit in the back, but not what you would typically see in toddler jeans. Super heavy duty denim, excellent quality. Cute little zippers on the pockets, I know he’s going to love that. They’re probably going to be a little long on him, but since they are such straight legs, they’ll be ok bunched up. More pics to come!

These come in a wide range of sizes, stating 2 years up to 16 years.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

To purchase these from $14.99 – $19.99, click here

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