Tranaux Skincare Oil Serum

I have very sensitive skin on my face. I’m also 55 years old. You would think I would be past puberty now, I feel like my skin has been going through it for over 40 years. I try to take care of it, and I feel pretty lucky as far as its resilience. One thing I failed to take into consideration, though, was my decolletage. I was out in the sun a lot and now that area is showing the effects and I’m very self conscious when I wear any clothing that isn’t a turtle neck.

So this serum became available. The consistency is an oil like you would expect. It has an amber hue to it, although I did see some subtle swirls of other colors. It also included 3 small samples of gel cleanser, face cream and a bit of the oil. I passed that sample on to my mother.

I’ll start with the facial cream. It is very lightweight. I wasn’t sure if it would make my skin feel moisturized. After washing my face with an exfoliating cream (to give it a thorough test, as that usually dries my skin out) I put a finger tip of cream on each cheek and my chin. It spread out very easily, absorbed immediately. It did not feel greasy, it felt lightweight and it actually quenched my skin very well. It has a very light scent.
The cleanser seems to also work well. My skin felt clean and fresh, not dried out, not greasy. It was easy to rinse. I used the moisturizer and cleanser morning and night for 3 days. If it’s going to irritate my skin, it occurs within the first 24 hours. I’ve had no breakouts.

Now on to the serum. It does not really have a pleasant scent. It’s not a heavy scent, but it reminds me of an essential oil I used in the past, neroli. Thankfully the scent did not seem to linger. It does not take much at all. it says to use a pea size amount. The dropper that comes with this is very nice, high quality, heavy, thicker glass. Very easy to use just one drop, no more no less comes out with a light squeeze. To get what I felt was pea size, I used two drops. That was more than I needed. I barely needed one drop for my entire face. In all honesty, I was a little concerned using this on my face. It went on easily, it spreads out quickly and it seems to absorb very fast. It did leave a bit of a shine on my face which is what concerned me, due to my sensitive skin. I decided to use it only on my cheeks and neck, and around my eyes where the fine lines are. I avoided my t-zone, where I tend to have more breakouts. It does make your skin extremely soft and it absorbs somewhat, although after about 20 minutes I could still feel that it was on my face. I did not notice that it stained my satin pillow cases that night. However, I was still concerned that using this too much on my face was going to initiate a breakout. I decided to skip trying it long term on my face to begin with and focus on my neck and decolletage area, since as I mentioned those have visible sun damage.

I’ve now been using it for 3 days in those areas. It seems to absorb much quicker on my chest. It leaves a shine, and I can feel it when I pass my fingers over for about 20 minutes. It does not seem to be damaging my clothing. In the 3 days I’ve noticed a subtle difference to my skin. It does not have the crepe paper look any longer. For the first few hours after application it looks highlighted, soft and smooth. After a few hours it still looks smooth and fresh. I’m impressed. If it can undo, or even minimize, the appearance of sun damage, I’m going to be a loyal user.

Continue to follow my updates as I embark on my journey to battle aging.

I’m giving this 8 out of 10 thumbs up, but will continue to update.

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