ZJCT Womens No Show Socks

These are great! I’ve worn them with many different shoe styles and they are true no show in all of them. I wore them with a pair of ballet flats, some 50’s style white tennies, a par of regular tennies. The area down by the toe hits just about where the arch of my foot is and the heel area comes up just maybe an inch past my heel. They do not stay on well if you’re just walking around in your socks, but I did not expect them to, that wasn’t my intention with the purchase. The nice thing is, when they do slip off of my heel, they don’t come all of the way down. There is a gathered area at the arch of my foot and it rests just snug enough against that, that they don’t roll all the way down. However, when wearing them with shoes, they have never moved. They do not slowly sneak down into the shoe, and I love that. I have a small foot, around a 5 1/2 – 6, I purchased these in XXX. There is just a little extra fabric that makes a bubble at my heel, but otherwsie the fit is amazingly comfortable. The little bubble does not cause any discomfort. Lots of stretch, the size I purchased could easily go up to a size 7 or 8 shoe and still be comfortable. I love that there are two sets of each color, and it’s an excellent price for 6 pairs, especially of this quality.

These come in a variety pack of 6 pairs of 3 colors, or 6 pairs of one color. All are $13.99, but black is $11.99.

8 out of 10 thumbs up!

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