Mihachi Dog Shirt – Hawaiian T Shirts

Pretty darn cute. I did purchase this for my male dog. I thought it looked like a non-gender shirt, but once I received it, it’s definitely more female oriented. He doesn’t know or care. He’s a small dog, about 9 pounds. His neck is 12 inches, his chest is 17 inches. This fits him well, I purchased size small. It’s snug but not tight. Could not go on a dog any bigger at all. It’s very lightweight, but decent quality material and the design is adorable, exactly as pictured with good colors. Good stitching. A fair amount of stretch, but not enough to go up a dog size.

This comes in small, medium and large. For whatever reason, the medium is cheaper than the small or large.

8 out of 10 thumbs up.

To purchase this for $9.99 medium, $10.99 small and large, click here

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