Clan_X Led Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable Reflective Pet Collar for Small Dogs

I am so happy I came across this! After a very long, miserable winter, spring has been here for just about a week. I got my warm weather burst of energy and have been walking with my pup every morning around 4 am. For whatever reason, the street I live on has no streetlights at all. Normally I don’t see anyone on my walks, but all it takes is one car that doesn’t see us and it’s all over. I am still looking for something to light me up, but at least Herbie is lit up for now.
I purchased this in orange, my current favorite color, and it only came in one size. Herbie is small, his neck is 12 inches, he is 9 pounds. I extended this out to the longest length and it *just* fits him. I don’t think it would fit much over a 12 inch neck.
It’s great quality, very impressed. Strong canvas, the lights appear to be woven through it, and are not exposed. Very bright, we’re not going to be missed. The push button is right on the collar, it’s a larger button so it’s easy to get to, or find in the dark. Just push it and the light comes on solid. Push it again and it flashes. One more push to shut it off. Love that this is rechargeable! The price is fantastic, a lot less than I expected a long lasting collar such as this would be. The brass ring on it is really strong. Did not seem to bother Herbie at all. I put it on, he went about his business. Very happy with this.

8 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase this in pink or orange for $8.77, click here

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