4K Ultra HD HDMI Cable 9 Feet by MINC

Excellent quality! The braided line is super thick and sturdy. This is the kind that will thread where you want it to go, will not tangle or kink. The inner cables are so well protected. I got some close ups of the fabric. The HDMI ends are awesome. Very solid, durable and high quality. Provide a perfect, secure fit, no wiggle. It seems to provide clear, fast transfers. I haven’t had any issues with lag, static, or any problems at all. I use this for a smart screen. The way that works we connect our computers to it and can broadcast our desktop to the monitor. It’s 70 inches by the way. So it’s at the front of the conference room. But, we need the HDMI to broadcast the desktop. Having 9 feet of length is great, allows the presenter to not be setting right on top of the monitor. We need a fast, quality and consistent connection and this has provided it.

This comes as small as 3 feet, up to 90 feet!

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase this beginning at $12.99 up to $79.99, which is an awesome price for the quality, click here

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