Big Ant Car Trunk Organizer

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Another new find I didn’t know I couldn’t be without, and now I will never be without. I’m 99% sure, you will feel the same.

As you can see, when not in use, this folds flat. So you can store it under your seat when not in use, or if you need to take it somewhere to haul items. I’ve used mine for just about everything. It has a sturdy, durable canvas exterior and waterproof interior lining. I’ve never had to completely test it but I did have a water bottle leak once and the interior was damp, the exterior was not. It didn’t spill a lot, but what did spill did not get far. The sides are strong but flexible, they stand well on their own and so you can overload this and you can load taller items and will handle them with aplomb.

On the exterior is a unique pocket with bungees that you can adjust. I’m not sure exactly what I would store in this, but it’s cool. The other side has a mesh, stretchable pocket. This is where I place items I want quick access to. My ice scrapers and an extra umbrella. The only knock I have against this is it doesn’t have as many exterior pockets as some others I own. Not a big issue, but I knocked it down a bit for that. What makes this one in my top favorites though is that the fold down bases are attached. As I state in my video, I removed the bases in another one, and never saw them again. These are attached so when they aren’t in use, they’re not moving around or coming out. They easily fold down and give a great, strong foundation. Also, since they are attached, you can’t accidentally put them in the wrong way with the pull strap face down and then have to dig to get it up again.

As for use, unlimited ideas. I always have one in my car that handles my regular necessities. My portable charger, air compressor, first aid kit, battery pack, emergency kit and flares, as well as a couple of blankets in the winter. I keep one folded under the seat for emergencies. I use one when I go to the grandkids’ games. I put my lawn chair in it (I have a pretty compact one), umbrella, snacks and drinks. I have several in my home to store off season clothes in. They’re just so easy to carry and my closets don’t have enough room in them for the big totes. I love all of mine and know I’ll be purchasing more.

Another easy 10 out of 10 thumbs up.

To purchase this at $25.99, click here or copy and paste this link

This does come in 3 different colors and with different storage options, beginning at $16.99.

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