Rusee Mosquito Net Outdoor Hammock

I’m a little torn on how to actually rate this. Ranking it ‘as-is’, it gets a high rank. As a single, net covered, travel hammock it is great. “As-it-is-described’… not so much. Maybe I shouldn’t say as it is described as much as as-it-is-assumed.
First, it looks a lot wider in the pictures than it actually is. Due to the angle they shot the pictures at, it looks like it could hold two people. It cannot. It is definitely a one person hammock. Now, in their defense, it does give the measurements, so it’s on you if you don’t check them. But, I don’t know how many are like me, I notice the pictures first.
Second, the straps to attach it to the tree. There is one picture where it shows the hook latch attaching to a round metal piece, the metal piece is attached to some kind of canvas strap that resembles the straps you receive. In another shot it shows the straps wrapped around the tree and what appears to be a built in loop with the hook attachment looped through it. In another picture is shows the included items, and it does not show the rings. It does show the straps but they are looped so you can see the ends. There are no loops or rings. I actually don’t know how you would attach this to the tree other than tying the straps to the tree. So again, I feel the pictures are misleading, but they don’t outright state you are getting something you are not.
Third, there are no instructions. After coming back to the website and looking at everything, for the most part it is simple to set up. However, my recommendations are in my review.
Ok, now for the good. The hammock is very nice. It’s strong fabric, it’s made very well. At the ends where the hooks are, they are wrapped very securely with lots of fabric so they’re going to hold up very well. The hooks are super strong, very durable steel. Easy to open and stay closed securely. Strong stitching everywhere. It’s not wide, but will easily hold an adult. It is long, plenty of length. The netting is also very nice. It’s attached all of the way around with a strong sturdy zipper. There are pulls on the outside and inside. It’s easy to open and close from inside and outside. It’s also easy to remove. There are loops on it that the rope goes through and attaches to a tree so it will hold the net up away from you. Those loops are strong and look like they will hold up well to some abuse. The canvas straps, I’ve addressed. As far as quality, they aren’t bad. They’re not super side, but they do have a decent length. My recommendation is to get your own separate straps. Ones that have loops or rings on them. That way you can loop it around the tree and attach the hammock to them. Added strength and ease of use. It’s also super easy to open up and install and then roll back up an stuff back in the attached bag. It’s very lightweight and compacts down very small. Great to take on hiking or camping trips.
So overall, the hammock itself is a very nice product, better if you get your own straps. I just wish there were instructions and the pictures were a little more accurate.

This is offered in 6 different color options.

I’m going to give this 7 out of 10 thumbs up.

To purchase this ranging from $22.99 to $29.99, click here


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