PINJIA Womens Cute Letter Printed Graphic Funny Tshirts

Another snarky comment from my current favorite brand, PINJIA! I’m not thrilled with the sizes, I’m still trying to figure out the perfect fit for me, but it seems to vary just a bit from shirt to shirt. This one I got in the largest size, XXXL, and really feel this fits like an XL. I was going to use it for sleepwear. While it is smaller, but still loose, it’s too big stil to wear out without looking frumpy. My measurements are 36D, 31, 38, I stand just under 5′, so you can see how it fits me. These are all made exceptionally well, that is consistent with all of the shirts I’ve received. They are not thin tshirts, they are quality made, heavier fabric. The necklines are not wide and look worn out quickly. The sleeves are a good length, don’t fit tight on my larger upper arms and can be rolled up easily. I’m still happy with the brand. Always looking for the next one to come out.

8 out of 10 thumbs up due to the sizing issues I’ve found.

To purchase this at $11.96  for all sizes and styles, click here

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