Laundry Hamper By Tenquest

Overall, the quality of this is very nice. The canvas type fabric on the exterior is very nice. Thick, solid, durable. The interior is lined with a soft, satin fabric so your items will be well protected. The handles have been sewn into loops on the sides. They are a lightweight, but strong metal hoop with a rubber comfort grip. The interior also has a satin feel separator stitched in, so you can separate lights and darks. Now as others have said, and the only problem I found, is the stability of the unit. It does not stay upright very well. The sides want to collapse in on themselves. I thought I would use it to store Christmas wrap in. And it holds them well, it holds a lot! If I were to put this in a closet, or against a wall, it will be fine. Otherwise, the tubes pulled it right over, even when I had each side well balanced. I think what I’m going to use this for is storage. Because of the size it will easily hold thick, king sized blankets if I remove the inner separator. It would easily hold 4 or 5, including my thick electric blanket. Other than standing up, this is really a nice product. It comes in tan or gray.

I’m giving this 5 out of 10 thumbs up. It’s too expensive to not have more stability to it.

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