LUYUAN JEWELRY Fashion Creative Colorful Crystal Women Earrings

These are so funky, like costume jewlery with an elegant vibe. They look heavy, but they’re really not. The stones have such unique textures, cuts and colors. Every one is diffferent, but they work together. With the blend of colors, you can wear these with any color in your closet. The setting is solid, you can see on my pictures I took of the back, the settings are thicker frames that hold the stones well. But again, do not add a lot of unnecessary weight.
Here’s what is super cool – there are nine different styles to choose from. There is a myriad of shapes and color blends. Pinks and red, shades of blues. There is a variety of 2 stones up to 5. Totally rad and fun to contemporary and chic. And each pair is only $10.99. You will find your personality, or one for every occasion.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase these for $10.99, click here

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