INTEY Remote Control Boat High Speed 2.4G

I’m taking a chance posting this here, so I’m limiting the post right now just to Grandma Sage. I’m going to eventually share this to all of my social media, but this is going to be a gift for my son Devon. His birthday is July 23rd and I don’t want him to see this until then. After that, I’m going to add video to Youtube so you can see the boat in action. Anyway, that’s the story. Here’s my thoughts on the boat.

The instructions are a little hard to follow, English is not the first language. Thankfully, there are a lot of pictures and that makes it much easier to follow. The battery pack comes installed in the boat. You remove the top, then under that is a protective cover. You remove that and you can see all of the inner workings. The battery has one main cable that plugs into the boat, and one that is used for charging. You can remove the battery, it’s clipped into a secure setting, or you can charge it while it’s still installed. You can see all of the connections to the rudders and all of the other controls. The boat is heavy duty, it’s built very well. It also comes with extra pieces, such as a propeller and screws for backup. Just looking at the outside I was like WOW. This boat is going to be as controllable as a regular boat. You are going to be able to steer it any way possible. It has an invisible antennae. You can see where it is, but it is sunk into the boat body.

Then you get to the remote controller. TONS of options. Once again, the instructions detail out everything, but you are going to do best just by taking it out and learning it. Again, I have not actually done so, yet. I don’t want to get it into the water, I want my son to give it its maiden voyage. The battery does not come installed in the remote control. It does come with the battery pack and this gets installed in the base of the controller behind a secured case. Also included are all of the tools you need for upkeep and maintenance. A small wrench and screwdriver. That’s it, that’s all you need. The remote is a great size, very easy to hold. And even though there are a dizzying amount of controls, buttons and joysticks, they’re all in typical locations, very easy to reach. And as soon as you get the controls down, you’ll have it mastered. Hey, we all figured out Mario, right?

I hope my pictures are good for now. I’m excited to add the video, but not at that chance of ruining this surprise for my son. He lives on his boat the minute the weather allows it. And I think if his job didn’t demand some of his time, he’d even push it further. This year he and his wife decided they wanted to start minimizing the digital time their kids have and get them outside more. So they purchased remote control cars. He is going to be stoked when he sees this. They’ll all have such a blast with this. Perfect addition when they’re all out boating. Super excited to get this to him!

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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