Hicdaw 36 Pcs Squishy Animals

Just can’t seem to get enough squishies. At least the grandkids think so. This is a great selection of 36 pieces! I love having them on hand. I have a ‘treasure chest’ I keep in the playroom. I keep all sorts of little fun gadgets in there. Whenever they come over, they get to pick something out of it. These little squishies are perfect, they’re exactly what I like to keep in it. I brought these with me when I came to visit the family this weekend, so not many are going to make it home. The grandkids all went crazy over them. They’re small. Perfect for their little 5-6 year old hands. They have adorable little faces painted on them, all of them are puffy, marshmallow-y cuteness. There were two bags of them. One larger bag didn’t have a great selection in them, most of them were little cats, of a few different colors. There was a separate bag that seemed to have the more ‘premium’ type styles. Lots more colors and unique designs. I took pictures of the variety. These are a great idea to hand out in Easter baskets, Halloween or stocking stuffers if you’re trying to get away from candy.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

To purchase these at $15.99, click here

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