SUNYAO Magnetic Wristband

If you’ve never used one of these, you need to seriously consider it. The velcro on it is strong, wide and long. It accommodates my small wrist, and still has some room left for a smaller wrist. It has enough length to expand another 4-5 inches, so you can wear this where it’s comfortable. It will hold a lot. It wouldn’t hold the hammer, but every screw driver, heavy duty chef knife, and screw or bolt I put on, didn’t budge. No, you wont’ be carrying around huge chef knives, but since it was one of the heaviest items I had, I wanted to try it.

I found it so handy when putting up and taking down Christmas lights. I put a bunch of nails on the band so I didn’t have to keep climbing up and down the ladder. Then I got notified that my house was going to be painted so I had to take all the nails out again. Right back on the magnet they went. Super convenient, very well made.

10 out of 10 thumbs up.

To purchase this at $7.99, click here

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