ENJOYNIGHT Sleepshirt Modal Nightshirt for Women

These are super comfortable, and I found they are also excellent at moisture wicking, which I have issues with every night. Hello old age. I think the cold shoulder look is a bit overkill for pjs, but it does add a cute look. There isn’t a lot exposed. It fits extremely loose. This comes in one size fits all. My measurements are 36D, 31, 38. It’s also pretty long on me, but I stand just under 5′, so that is typical. Lots of stretch also. If you’re a size small, it’s going to be pretty loose and baggy. If you are XL or up, it’s still going to be a comfortable fit and loose. It has the bell sleeves so even those don’t fit tight. Personally, this isn’t limited to sleepwear, this could be used with leggings or capris and look fine. It comes in 4 color options. I chose the dark blue and if I stand with light behind me, you can somewhat see an outline of my legs, but nothing is really visible. I’m not sure what the lighter colors will be like.

7 out of 10 thumbs up.

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