Unfade Memory Dog Jeans Jacket

My little guy is so stylin’ in this. I’ve received so many comments. It fits him perfect. I purchased this in the large, a little nervous because he’s a little guy of 10 pounds. I was afraid he would swim in it, but I went by the measurements and they are accurate. It’s not tight around his chest at all, and he doesn’t walk out of it. The little sleeves come down just about an inch on his legs, so they don’t get dirty easily. There are 3 snap buttons, so it’s easy to put on. It comes down to his tail on the top, but underneath stops at the bottom of his rib cage, so no accidents when he does his business. The collar folds down perfect. Gives him the authentic blue jean jacket looks. I washed and dried this. I did not have to iron it, but before I put it in the dryer I did shape it, pulled the sleeves flat, folded the collar down, which made it go back into shape easier. I just gave a pull here, a stretch there when it was dry, and it was back to looking new, plus it did not shrink. Kept him warm the last couple of weeks when spring was supposed to be here, but Mother Nature wasn’t informed of that, it seems.

There are 5 sizes to choose from. I think this is great quality, great fit, and great price.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase all sizes at $15.99, click here

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