Spoil Cupid Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia 3pcs Stackable Band Ring

The story behind these – I purchased a similar set, from the same seller, several months ago, for my daughter in law. She commented on and loved the set I was wearing. She has tiny tiny fingers, like a size 5 ring finger. She wanted a nice band set she could wear on other fingers, around a size 6. Well, I sent the original set down to her for her birthday, and the package was stolen off of her front porch. Totally irrelevant to the quality of these rings, but I’m using this as my soapbox to shine light on this problem. Stop it. Your grandma would be so disappointed to know their beloved grandchild was stealing. Anyway –

These were worth a second purchase. The rose gold color is a lovely, unique look. It does not have the brassy shine to it, this is a beautiful, polished, look. The stones fit down into the band very securely, they do not have a rough top or exposed loose pins holding them that snag on your clothing. A beautiful sparkle comes off of the gems. Very comfortable to wear, the bands have a smooth finish to them, and the sizes are perfect. I’m going to hand these to her in person, this time.

These come in Tri-Color of silver, rose gold and gold, rhodium plated silver and rose gold plated silver, and from size 5 to 8.

7 out of 10 thumbs up, just because they’re a little spendy.

To purchase these at $22.99, click here


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