Learn A Language Lingo Playing Cards

I purchased three sets of these, in German, Italian and French. They’re all exactly alike, except for the translations. Due to that, my reviews are going to be the same on all three.
They’re set up just like a deck of cards, all four suits, every card in the suit as well as two jokers. Exact size of a regulation set. Great quality, glossy finish, they shuffle easily. Graphics are easy to see. Now here’s the cool part –
Each card has a different phrase on it, both in English and the specified language translation! These are common, frequently used phrases you would use when traveling. Not long sentences, short comments that make it easy to remember. They even include the proper pronunciation of each foreign word. So, you can use the cards as flash cards, you can toss them in a purse or backpack to take on your travels. What I found the best – play with them! Play card games and everyone is reading the phrases and translations and you’re learning them. Kind of funny side note – once you have them paired with which card they’re on (it will come, be patient), when opposite players start reading the phrases, hey, no more counting cards for you!

6 out of 10 thumbs up. Only because it’s more of game, a deck of cards, and the price is pretty expensive.

To purchase the French cards for $14.99, click here

To purchase the Italian cards for $14.99, click here

To purchase the German cards for $14.99, click here


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